Our Next Fair is Sunday, September 2
9 AM - 4 PM Free Admission

Windmill Suites - St. Philip's Plaza,    4250 N. Campbell Ave. Tucson     (map)

Who's was at our August Psychic Fair

Patricia Kirkman – An intuitive as well as a Numerologist and Astrologer who uses her gifts to give information and Guidance in Career, Relationships, and Finances.  Known to be one of the best when it comes to projecting the correct time for starting and scheduling important decisions. 


Margarita - Palmistry, Astrology & Tarot Cards supported by her gift of Clairvoyance, Margarita guides you to a quick and straightforward resolution of problems as well as offering guidance.


Cynthia Rae - Healer and Intuitive will help you heal body, mind, and spirit for your higher good. Cynthia will use her lifelong, natural intuitive abilities to assist you in making choices and give you answers for personal growth. Additionally she will be working on Chakra Balancing using a Zero Point method.


Laurie Hays – is an experience clairvoyant who clearly and accurately shares Divine truth in a gentle way. Her sense of humor lightens up the reading and she is experienced In Tarot as well as palmistry.  She channels Kwan yin and Mother Mary and shares Her gifts of Spirit with integrity and love in English or Spanish.


Brenda Black - is a certified Astrologer through ISAR. She is one of the authors featured in a newly published book called "Transforming Through 2012". Brenda has been giving mini-readings readings at psychic fairs since 1990.


Susan Hannah - has been am empathic all of her life.  Her intuition comes to her as a knowing.  She works with Medicine Cards, which chose her to offer readings to others.

To-Ree-Nee - Need help finding a clear path through the underbrush of your life? She will introduce you to her Mini-Tracking Sessions, personalized just for you.  Tarot, Channeling, Shamanic Astrology and the Creation of ritual healing. 


Gowher Jamshedi – is an intuitive who is also a Reconnection Healing practitioner.   She feels blessed to be able to share the many ways that health, healing and the return of balance comes into your lives.  She helps find creative solutions to resolve long standing difficult issues. 


Barbara & Dave Lorenz -  certified Usui Reiki Masters who specialize in the creation of jewelry. The colors and energies of the gemstones have specific healing properties that transmit to the wearer through the chakra system, especially throat and heart chakra for necklaces and energy pulse points in the wrists to balance and enhance healing of the mind, body, and spirit.


Kat Riegel -  Pet Psychic, she is able to read from your pictures about your pet and give you information to connect and to work with your extended family.  She does equally well with pets that have departed as well as those we have around us at home.


Joe Machado – has always been very intuitive much later in life he was introduced to REIKI, when he realized that he was gifted to a higher conscious.  Joe, is now a USUI REIKI Master, assisting many with the gift of spiritual divine healing.

April Kressley - Aura Photographs - See your aura!  Aura photography allows you to see what color your bio-energy field is and take a picture home with you.  You also receive a 2 page report explaining your colors.  Your aura colors, size and shape tell a lot about you. Find out what your energy field says about you.


Larry Martin - A professional Astrologer and therapist for 17 years, worked as People Magazines’ Astrologer from ’96 –’00.  Complete Astrology Chart is created for you along with a 15 minute interpretation.  All questions answered.  Timing cycles and maps included. 


Nancy Parsons - An intuitive who is supported by her use of Tarot / Angel and or Medicine cards.  Nancy will help you find a path to your purpose and your own Spiritual Guidance and knowledge


Joan Belzer - a Certified Graphologist who has been in practice for over twenty years. She is a member of the American Association of Handwriting Analysts and the American Handwriting Analysts Foundation. She has written the book “The Five Minute Therapist” - changing your life one pen stroke at a time, which explains some of the basic principles of graphology.  Although it takes many years of practice to master graphology and graphotherapy, her book provides a good background for the uninitiated.

Linda Alexander – An intuitive reader and metaphysical teacher, Linda combines psychic abilities, intellect, and old-fashioned know-how to bring insight and understanding to you. Linda can help you identify and resolve pressing concerns, teach you to trust your own inner wisdom, and help you develop a meaningful spiritual path.

Debi Keller – AfterGlow Pendulums, Chakra Bracelets, Pet Charms and fun necklaces. All created with love using mineral, semi-precious and crystal stones.  All her products are charged with the Reiki Energy for your benefit when you wear them.  Her intuition guides her in the designs.

Jane Seybold - is a Psychic, Certified Medium and Healer.  She helps people connect with their loved ones in the Spirit World. Jane can help you recognize the signs and symbols associated with your loved ones who are trying to connect with you. As a Spiritual Teacher she can help you understand and tap into your own inner guidance for answers. 


has done shamanic healing and teaching nationally and internationally for over 15 years.  She has studied with Native American Elders from the Lakota and Dakota Sioux, Cherokee and Hopi Tribes. Lone Dove will be conducting shamanic healings and selling her new CD on the shamanic way of Power called, "A Path to Inner Power."



Sonia Schaefer - Chair massage is an excellent way to help the self relax and take some of the kinks out of the daily stress.

Bonnie Smith – Looks into your past lives to see the answers to your present day dilemmas. Works with your Spirit Guides information to assist you along with Star Matrix Healing.

Cynthia Roedig – Victorian West Feathers and Flowers offers a wide variety of personal and gift items ranging from DeCio Pasta and other gourmet foods to natural stone bookmarks, handcrafted soaps and bath salts, and lovely beaded flowers in arrangements and hairpieces--just right for holiday festivities!


- is a born intuitive, Reiki master and energy worker specializes in relationships of all kinds working with couples, teens, families and individuals. Her skills are invaluable in helping you to find your own spiritual direction, to fulfill your greatest potential and to create your life path more successfully.